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    Mechineries Works

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    Mechanical Works

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    Electrical Works

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    Renovation Works



    Electrical Works
    1. Installation of new electrical cables including the termination.
    2. Replacing the existing electrical line by new.
    3. Electrical connection of machineries in industries.
    4. Installation of power line with the distribution panel for the factories.
    5. Modification and upgrading of the electrical lines of Factories.
  • Mechanical Works

    Mechanical Works
    1. Installation of all type of pipe line works of the industries including Compressed Air line, Facility Water line, Chilled water line, Etc.
    2. Fabrication and installation of ducting for the HVAC Air conditions and exhaust related with the machineries.
    3. Fabrication and installation of Stainless steel pipe lines for the machineries, exhausts, steam lines, Etc,
    4. Fabrication and installation of Chimneys for the industrial ovens and Furnaces.
  • Machineries Work

    Machineries Work
    1. Installation of new machineries with all of it’s electrical and mechanical works.
    2. Re-location of machineries from one shop to the other with necessary modifications.
    3. Modification of electrical lines, mechanical piping and foundation of the machineries.
    4. Installation of water pumps, Air compressors, Chiller pumps and vacuum pumps.
  • Packing works

    Packing works
    1. Special packing for exporting of electronic parts.